On November 9th, Kathryne had surgery to remove a large tumor on one of her ovaries.  Since then, we’ve been in recovery mode, leaning heavily on the support of friends and family, especially our parents.  We have been very well cared for.  Thank you to everyone who has visited, called/texted, emailed and offered to bring meals!  We are happy to share that Kathryne is doing really well, and it’s likely she will not need any further treatment.

And, we’re even happier to share that Jesus Christ knows how to comfort us in all our various circumstances.  To misquote our previous post on Samuel Rutherford, “Cancer hath this advantage, that it draweth our sweet Physician’s hand; it is a blessed surgery that fetcheth Christ to the bedside.”  True.  I would simply add that Christ often comes to our bedside through the presence and words of his people.  You have been an extension of the Lord’s care for our family over the past few weeks.


Fresh out of surgery.


Violet was happy to visit Momma in the hospital.


Violet was also happy to eat Momma’s fancy fruit.


A little over a week after the surgery, Kathryne helped Ezra make his birthday cake.


It was a Thunder Cake from the book with the same name.


We read Thunder Cake, while we ate Thunder Cake.


Ezra got a tool box with real “worker-guy” tools.


Tradition–The Birthday Donut.



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