On January 19, we boarded an airplane to Denver for another round of training at the WorldVenture headquarters.  We’ll be here for another week attending WorldVenture’s annual conference.  During this past week though, we completed our “Pre-Departure Training”–exciting because it means we’re getting closer to, you know, departing.

Though we still have much to do in the months ahead, we now have a much better picture of what to expect during our first term in Japan.  I’ll summarize some of the things we’ve learned in our next post.  For now, we just want to give a quick glimpse into a place that is starting to feel more and more like a second home.  This is our third trip to WorldVenture in the past twelve months.  Every time we have come, our love for this place–and its people–has grown.

Ezra in front of the WorldVenture building.
Barefeet and snow.  We were surprised by how warm it’s been here in January.
Ezra found the fire alarm that a friend pulled at the last training.  He tells the story, “The fireman came and said, ‘There’s no fire here; just a Clark.'”
Vi and Ted.  Ted is a favorite.
We were so grateful to have Papa and Nana join us on the trip.  They served us every day by watching Ezra and Violet, so that we could attend the training.  And, they took us to the Denver Children’s Museum the day before training started. We’d highly recommend taking a trip if you’re in Denver with children.  


This stairway is lined with the hand-prints of WorldVenture kids around the world.  We like to play on the stairs and find the hand-prints of children we know.  
Ezra learned how to use the keypad to enter the building.  Here he is showing our friend Jim how to do it.   
Across the street from WorldVenture is a park with a great view of the mountains.
Violet and Momma enjoying the nice weather and a view of the mountains.  Look at that baby bump grow!


4 thoughts on “Update from Littleton, CO

  1. This mail from desiring God was the first I read only to read the story of the Pals family shocking, very sad and strangely God send. I was supposed to take the wife of a Japanese family who are our next door neighbors to a town one hour away from Nairobi city where we live. The Pals family were going to Japan to take the gospel there but the Lord has brought this family to our door to share the gospel. I have made attempts to do so by being friends with the family. In honor of the Pals family and Gods glory I covert your prayers to be more intentional as I prayerfully seek to urgently share the good news! I grief with the Pals family, the extended family and the church. May you know the goodness and compassion of the Lord and as pastor Piper prayed may their blood cause many to go to Japan.


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