We’ve spent the last couple posts sharing about our burden and vision for ministry in Japan.  Going forward, we plan to focus primarily (though not exclusively) on what’s happening in our family, starting with an update on our children.

Calvin.  Our little guy is quickly becoming not little–he’s already well over 14 pounds.  He loves to eat, smile and baby talk.  He’s probably our toughest baby yet, having survived the loving onslaught of his older brother and sister for over two months now.

“I’ll go; send me.”
A boy and his Momma…yet sinners.

Violet.  Her middle name is Joy, and that is fitting.  She is a happy soon-to-be two year old who loves babies and always wants to “go to Caribou (Coffee) tomorrow.”  She can normally be found talking on your cell phone with her Grandpa and Grandma or putting your chapstick on her babies.

Violet went on a rare date with Momma to a beautiful garden by the lake.
A near-perfect glimpse into Violet’s personality.
Two of Violet’s favorite babies.

Ezra.  When Ezra grows up, he still wants to be a worker guy, and we think he will be a good one.  He has greatly enjoyed living in the Land of 10,000 Cousins (Papa and Nana’s house), where legos abound and naps are few.  He is learning to swim and can hold his breath underwater for 14 seconds.  Ezra understands well that we’re moving to Japan soon, though he wants to know if it’s a short or long drive from Grandpa and Grandma’s house.

Fun at the beach.
Ezra meeting a cow for the first time.  The cow was afraid.
Ezra brings every night to a close with 1) family worship, 2) reading two books while eating apple slices and 3) story/snuggle time.
When the front yard turned into a puddle, Ezra knew what to do.  Violet learned quickly from her big brother.
When streams of water flow from your boots…

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