Jamison writes…

Dear Heavenly Father, By resurrecting your Son, you defeated death…it’s sting, sin, no longer has dominion over those to whom You’ve given your Spirit. And yet Lord, I fear death.  Not because I’m afraid of dying or being dead, but because I’m afraid of leaving my wife, or being left behind by her.  Never before have I felt this fear!

….The thought of being on my death bed and looking Kathryne in the eyes, knowing that I go to be with You while she stays behind to face the world and it’s pain without me is the saddest thought I’ve ever had.  Even sadder than the horrible possibility of her going first and spending days or even years of life without my one-flesh mate.

….Help me to see that to live is Christ and to die is gain.  Comfort me to know that both Kathryne and I will be with you together someday, no matter how we get there….I pray that by your mercy, you will strengthen both of us in the day of our separation. And, if possible, let us go away to You together.



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