Shown here is Tony Weekly, his wife Deb and his parents.  Rick and Kathy Pals were able to meet with them in Nebraska for the sentencing trial.  Shortly before the accident in 2016, Tony had dedicated his life to Jesus. He has been deeply saddened by what happened. He has served his six months in jail and is now trying to put his life together, using this experience to give God glory in any way he can.

2 thoughts on “Tony Weekly

  1. Amazing! We are watching and have not been idle. Looking forward to seeing Jason Meyer’s prophecy fulfilled…that we will cover our mouths in astonishment when God reveals his purposes.


    1. Every now and then we hear of some amazing thing God has done through the witness of Jamison and his family. We are covering our mouths in astonishment, and offer many praises to our Lord for the amazing things which are happening. There have been countless opportunities to share Jesus and the urgency of giving our lives to Him.


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